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Tal Elyashiv

Blockchain & Web3 Visionary | VC | SPiCE VC Founder | Fmr CIO at BoA & Capital One | The Street & Newsweek Contributor

Tal Elyashiv is one of the earliest visionaries in the blockchain and tokenization ecosystem. Tal’s deep understanding of digital finance has enabled him to usher in a new era of venture capitalism with the founding of SPiCE VC.

As the very first fully tokenized fund, SPICE VC invests globally in platforms and ecosystem providers enabling access to capital markets, banking, real estate, and other industries enhanced through Blockchain technologies. The fund focuses on companies who stand to benefit the most from the massive growth of the industry.

In addition to investing in more than 15 high-growth blockchain-focused companies, including INX, Archax, and Ripio, Tal also co-founded Securitize, which was successfully spun out of SPiCE with partner Carlos Domingo. Securitize is now the leading digital security issuance and management platform, as well as  developer of several areas of IP including the tokenization of limited partner positions in VC firms.

After seeing three of SPiCE’s portfolio companies going public, experiencing an unprecedented 91% unrealized gains for its early investors in just three years, and being named the top performing fund in the tokenization and Blockchain market, Tal and his partners introduced a second fund, SPiCE II. The newest fund offers investors exposure to the unprecedented growth opportunities within the expanding digital economy.

Previously, Elyashiv was a CIO at Capital One, CIO at Bank of America, COO at BondDesk and CTO & Head of New Business at 888, in addition to being the founder of Securitize, Yallo, Exactor and Navion.

Tal is also a seasoned speaker and communicator – appearing regularly on the largest stages and in most influential media outlets to provide his expert insight on various aspects of the evolution of digital finance (digital securities, NFTs, CBDCs, cryptocurrency, DeFi and more). His work has been published in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, The Street, and CNBC, among others.

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