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Join Tal Elyashiv as he shares his real-time account of blockchain’s transformative power over the past three years, in his #1 Bestseller new book, “Blockchain Prophecies."

Blockchain Prophecies - Tal Elyashiv Cover

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About the Book

Blockchain Prophecies captures pivotal moments

from the surge of NFTs and the Metaverse to the rise of DeFi tools like Stablecoins, CBDCs and security tokens. It also bravely confronts challenges, from the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical upheavals to the emergence of "Crypto Winter.” Yet, at its heart, the book celebrates the relentless innovative spirit, positioning blockchain not as a mere invention but as the keystone of future advancements. Elyashiv's narrative offers both a historical lens and a visionary outlook for enthusiasts, experts and pioneers alike.

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About the Author

Tal Elyashiv

Tal Elyashiv is one of the earliest visionaries in the blockchain and tokenization ecosystem. Tal’s deep understanding of digital finance has enabled him to usher in a new era of venture capitalism with the founding of SPiCE VC.

Tal Elyashiv

Industry experts on Blockchain

“I was drawn to blockchain because I saw it as a way to solve real world problems.”

Carlos Domingo, Founder & CEO, Securitize

“Contrary to popular belief, blockchain and its derivative technologies are not “contraptions that print money.”

Konstantinos Szantzos, A.I. and Blockchain Researcher

“Providing ease of access and liquidity around the very real but illiquid assets that so many people in the world hold so they can make economically rational decisions that allow them to maximize returns and build wealth over time is one of the greatest potential developments in the Blockchain space.”

Chris Kelly, Entrepreneur, Politician, Lawyer, former Chief Privacy Officer Facebook

“My passion for blockchain technology and its impact in Africa is centered around its potential to transform two systems: health and education.”

Dr. Catherine Lephoto, Executive Director, VXTechnologies

“While it is still in its infancy, for me Web3 is bigger than finance - it’s about value, with the potential to revolutionize the world. It’s as simple as making a reality of it.”

Yoni Assia, Founder & CEO, eToro

“As the global industries recognize the transformative power of blockchain coupled with decentralized AI, we’re on the edge of an innovation and collaboration renaissance. This will empower businesses to address long standing challenges, optimize expenses, and strengthen consumer engagement and confidence.”

Stephan Nilsson, Founder & CEO, Unisot

“My base overarching thesis that blockchains will become the defacto standard for moving value around the world has always and still remains a question of when and not if.”

Bradford Stephens, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Blockchain Capital

“The blockchains in our everyday lives may take shape as a CBDC, or a big tech giant’s stablecoin, but there is no doubt they will be the main conduit for digital transactions and human verifications in an AI first world.”

Shy Datika, Founder & CEO, Inx

Blockchain Prophecies - Tal Elyashiv Cover

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Join Tal Elyashiv as he shares his real-time account of blockchain’s transformative power over the past three years, in his #1 Bestseller new book, “Blockchain Prophecies."

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